I absolutely love working out! From warming up to lifting weights to stretching, fitness is my outlet for everything. If I’m mad, sad, or out of balance it makes me feel better. When I’m happy fitness makes me even happier. It’s my form of therapy.

At first my only goal was to lose weight. In high school I was fluffy, frustrated and lacked confidence. I wanted the respect of my peers, and I wanted more attention from girls my age.

Once I fell in love with working out it became a part of me. I saw how I can change my body by putting in a little work. I could see baby biceps in bloom, I became more confident. I’ve been bodybuilding for over twelve years and I can not imagine my life without it. The saddest thing that ever happens to me is when I get injured or sick because it takes me away from my sanctuary.

Working out made me realize how important time and effort are when trying to achieve greatness. Things do not just happen if I’m not working hard towards them.

My name is Itzel Michel. I am a bilingual Latino and I have a lot of Mexican culture in me. My culture has taught me to value family and hard work. I’ve never been the best in school. I’ve always been better at focusing my mind and body towards working out. I was never an athlete, so I went from being the average gamer (I love pokemon games) to a bodybuilder. I can not only relate to people that play sports but I can also share that hard work always beats talent.

I like sharing my passion with other people. There is so much misleading information in magazines and online. My regiment is no secret, and I help people work out correctly. I push others to be more confident, fit, and to have a better lifestyle.

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